Rep. Dore and opponent discuss issues at HD 64’s only Candidate forum

Rep. Tim Dore appeared at House District 64’s only candidate forum. Hosted by Washington County Farm Bureau, the forum allowed voters to hear candidates’ views on the issues important to the vast House District. logo-farm
Washington County Farm Bureau is one of the most active counties in Colorado Farm Bureau. CFB’s PAC recently endorsed Dore and he was recently recognized as a Friend of Farm Bureau for his strong voting record on agricultural issues.



Representative Tim Dore (R) is introducing legislation that will bring the Presidential Primary back to Colorado. Dore along with Representative Dominick Moreno (D), are introducing “THE PRIMARY PARTICIPATION ACT” in response to consistent concerns raised by the people of Colorado feeling their voice was not heard during the 2016 Presidential Process.  Since 2003 Colorado has been one of only ten states remaining who adhere to a caucus system. In light of this year’s presidential race it has become clear that many Coloradans are dissatisfied with the caucus system, feeling that their voices and votes are not adequately represented. Many were turned away or faced long lines during caucus night, and left feeling confused and discouraged by the whole process. Making up one third of registered voters in Colorado, those who are unaffiliated have found the presidential caucus system to exclude their voices entirely. As one of the top
states in voter turnout, the restoration of the presidential primary is a necessary step towards allowing Colorado to have real influence when it comes to nominating presidential candidates.  During the last few presidential primaries, Colorado has been a fly over state with regards to presidential candidates ignoring Colorado.

This legislation would protect the integrity of the Party Caucus were parties pick local leadership, state level candidates and representatives to send to county and state assemblies.  The Act would be a common sense and straightforward solution to the concerns heard from voters all over Colorado, assuring voters’ voices in Colorado are heard when it comes to choosing candidates who seek the highest office in the land.  In the Act an unaffiliated voter would be given the option to choose which ballot they wish to receive in the mail for the primary election. The primary would not be an open primary as Democrats or Republicans could not vote on the ballot of the other political party.  The goal of the Act is to maintain the integrity of the voting process, while encouraging increased voter involvement and access.