Economic Development

Lowering Taxes

Spurring Job Creation

I believe. . . Long term private sector jobs, most often in the form of small businesses are the best jobs to create and will serve our communities for years to come. The best way to make sure jobs are created and are long lasting is to oppose excessive government regulations, oppose reckless spending, and oppose the constant burdens and directives placed on business by an ever creeping government. In short, the message should be clear that small business drives the economic engine of our country and we will support measures that foster the spirit of entrepreneurship; and Government needs to STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS.


Believes in Parents right to choose/ limited role of government

Increased education access for rural schools

We must protect this dream by investing in our children’s future and preparing them to compete in the global market. However the role of Government should be limited, and the focus of decisions and efforts with regards to education should come from the local levels – and most importantly parents.
The issue of Higher Ed in our state and the rising cost of higher education is a concerning issue. We need to work on increasing transparency to guarantee parents and students have the best possible information when making decisions about higher education and making sure that the costs meet the expectation of education. Additionally, working to assure that our next generations of students have options to compete and succeed in this world is critical and not a one size fits all attitude, options of trade schools and the like need to be part of any continuing education discussion.

Property Rights

Protection of family farms and ranches from undue strict regulations

Advocate for farming and ranching rights

Water and Agriculture

Protection of water rights for farmers and Ranchers

Support creation of adequate storage to capture and use water.

Farmers and ranchers are the heart of this district, so protecting water rights and water quality is critically important. We must ensure that we have good water for crops, as well as enough water to allow for economic growth for our communities.
It is critical that, as larger cities in the area are running out of water and looking east and south to meet their water needs, we secure our water needs for today and years to come, by creating adequate storage to capture and use water that will protect the rich history of our land and the gifts the land produces for us.

2nd Amendment Rights

Supporting and sponsoring legislation that protects your right to bear arms

The rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, guaranteed in the second amendment, should be given the same deference as the other liberties protected by the Bill of Rights. The founders had the foresight and wisdom to guarantee this fundamental right, and it is our duty as elected officials and citizens of this great Country to do all we can to assure that this liberty is never violated and to uphold the constitution. I STRONGLY believe we must defend all of the freedoms granted by the constitution, not pick and choose based on political motivations.
To offend we find that there are those in our society who believe guns are the problem and gun regulations are the solution to curtailing violence. We have seen over many years of bad legislative acts that gun regulations do nothing, if we truly want less violence then we must change our culture, work to teach the young, the older and all those in between, that life is the most precious gift and without respect of human life we will cannot hope to see an end to violence or evil regardless of how many laws and regulations are instituted.

Dignity of Life

Believe in the sanctity of life from conception

Supporter of pro-life activities and increased education for next generation

I am pro-life plus. I believe in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. I also believe the strategy to end abortion must be broader than waiting for the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade. We must support pro-life activities that will help change the hearts and souls, while at the same time working to overturn the law. We need to support crisis pregnancy centers, promote adoption, and educate both men and women on preventing pregnancies. We must take all actions possible and put our pro-life beliefs into real, tangible action and demonstrate a consistent, unwavering support for the sanctity of life.