I am proud to be born a fourth generation Coloradoan . My father’s side settled in Colorado, homesteading on the Eastern Plains in the 1880’s after immigrating from Ireland. My mother’s family immigrated from Ireland as well and arrived in Colorado via South Dakota and Kansas the early 1900s.

I am married to an incredible wife and we have been blessed with four wonderful children. It is my family that gives me the drive to get up everyday and work for a better future, not only for them, but for every family in House District 64 and in Colorado.


I was brought up with a strong belief that hard work, taking responsibility and being aware of opportunities, would pay off. With that in mind I started working at age 14 sweeping the floors in the local school. I worked my way through high school and after college worked as a Bailiff in the State Court System. This experience gave me an understanding of criminal justice and how our legal system works and it also gave me an ambition to go to law school.

I graduated from the University of Denver College of Law and went back to the Colorado State Judicial System, working in Criminal and Civil Courts. My experience in law gave me an opportunity to learn much about our society and communities, in addition to the laws that govern us — which gave me a want to be involved in public policy and politics.

I worked for a few years in the political arena, assisting conservative candidates all over the Country. I returned to Colorado to take a position representing the Catholic Bishops at the State legislature. This opportunity gave me greater insight into the legislative process and allowed me to work on conservative issues that had effects far beyond Colorado.

I currently work as the Vice President of Government Relations at the Mountain West Credit Union Association, representing small financial cooperatives which serve communities all over Colorado. This experience has served me to better understand how overburdening regulations can not only hurt businesses, but also slow the growth of our economy.

In addition to being active in my Church, with my children and various family activities, I am a volunteer firefighter, and have sat on numerous boards and committees, including school advisory committees.

In what little free time I do have, I enjoy reading and am an avid outdoors man, blessed to be living and surrounded by the beauty and adventure of our amazing State.

I am blessed to so far have a life full of opportunities which have given me a very strong understanding of the many issues that everyday working Colorado families face; especially families that live in the small communities that are the fabric of the 64th State House District.